About LRSG


Launceston Refugee Support Group

WE ARE local people getting together to take action in support of refugees.

WE HAVE BEEN INSPIRED by the desperate situation of refugees but also by the success of Bude Refugee Support Group.

Bude  have now settled two Syrian refugee families.

Across Cornwall collections are regularly made to send clothes, food, and other necessary items to refugees in Europe who are homeless or in camps. Launceston people have already shown their readiness to help with these collections and to take an active part.

Our aims for LRSG are:

  • to build local networks, and contribute to the work being done to collect, sort and dispatch useful items to stranded refugees, especially those in Northern France.
    Collections are continuing and more distribution trips are planned as the situation there is deteriorating
  • to work towards welcoming 2 Syrian families to Launceston, as part of the government’s pledge to resettle some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees in the UK.
    It is anticipated, following Bude’s lead, that this will be done under the “Community Sponsorship” scheme, since Cornwall Council have deemed that North Cornwall is too far from Truro for their allocation under the government scheme.

We have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LauncestonRSG

If you are interested and/or might be able to help in any way, please contact us:

  • email Frances Tippet and Carolyn Burch at info@lrsg.org.uk
  • join our mailing list using the form on this page.

Further contact details can be found on the Contacts page

  • come along to the next meeting; we aim to meet monthly.