Sponsor an Apple

September is here; the season when apples fall from trees and give scientists ideas that make their name famous.

Also the time for the next push towards the arrival of our first resettled refugee family in Launceston.

But we still need more funds (an a suitable house to rent) so RogerCO had an idea…

Four years ago he planted a batch of Cornish apple trees as maidens to form the basis of an orchard – and this year they have started to produce some fruit.

Not a massive amount yet – but 20 trees with between 1 and 30 apples set on each at the beginning of August. Of course the birds and wasps will take their share but he may have enough left to provide a basket of local apples to greet our first family.

This is where you come in – how about sponsoring the apple picking?

Five pounds to start with an then a penny (or more) for each apple that makes it from orchard to table.

Get over to his MyDonate page now and give a fiver – and then you can come along to the October LRSG Meeting (7:30pm in the Bell Inn in Launceston on Thursday 25th October) to taste and compare whatever varieties have made it that far …

Sidney Strake, Werrington Wonder, Lady Henniker, Pigs Snout, Cottage Colloggett, Snell’s Glass, Sops-in-Wine, Saw Pit, Callington Gilliflower, Mylor Pike and Bloddy Butcher (aka Cornish Breadfruit) are some of the names to conjure with.

Give us a fiver now and come to the tasting in October

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